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Cruises to Asia and the Far East can take you on a journey of discovery through vibrant cultures, colourful cities and amazing contrasts. Explore the amazing, futuristic capitals of China, Korea and Japan, such as lively Beijing, where you can visit the narrow alleyways of the city’s historic hutongs, or take an immersive tour around the Great Wall of China, infamous Tiananmen Square or the atmospheric Forbidden City. In Shanghai you can explore the Art Deco landmarks of the charming French Concession or stroll along the neon-lit Bund to view the skyscrapers of Pudong reflected in the waters of the Huangpu River.  

Travel just a short distance from the cities and you can find yourself immersed in natural beauty.

Tokyo is a sprawling metropolis of technology, seething with energy all hours of the day and night, but looming through the skyscrapers you’ll catch a glimpse of ethereal, snow-capped Mount Fuji which you can easily visit on a shore excursion. In Southeast Asia you’ll find countless picturesque beaches of talcumpowder soft sand, shaded by gently swaying palms and backed by lush jungle. Thailand is one such destination, where the beaches are as beautiful as they come and the people some of the friendliest you’ll come across – it’s no wonder the country is known as the ‘land of a thousand smiles’.

Asia is also known for its incredibly varied cuisine. Many of our cruises start and end in Singapore, where you can enjoy its hawker markets and high-end restaurants which often sit side by side. The steaming stalls that line its many bazaars are a national treasure and the city has garnered a much-deserved reputation for excellent eating. Pick up a piled-high bowl of Lao Sim shredded chicken and fish dumpling noodles, spicy noodle laksa soup, skewered yakitori chicken, sticky rendang and Haianese curry rice. Singapore’s Peranakan cuisine takes its influences from China, Malaysia and Indonesia, but the city also has a thriving Japanese population so you can take your tastebuds on an adventure. In Vietnam you’ll find a riot of colour on your plate, with translucent spring rolls packed with an assortment of vibrant vegetables, banh mi baguettes stuffed with delicate omelette and simmering bowls of pho.

Intriguing cultures can be found in all corners of Asia. Dock at the port of Cochin in India and you could uncover the remote backwaters of Kerala or head north to the Golden Triangle and take an immersive tour of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, touring the grand monuments of the Taj Mahal and the Amber Fort. On one of our cruises to Asia and the Far East you can twin the world’s leading cruise lines with in-depth tours of glittering cities, beautiful beaches and fascinating historical sights. We can take you to incense-wreathed temples, ancient ruins and national monuments, or just find you a blissful beach and let you while away the days.

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Best time to travel

The best time to visit Asia depends on where you're going. 

It’s a year-round destination as topography and size means it could be hot in one destination and snowing in another! The region is also subject to monsoons and humidity, so it’s always best to pack a waterproof.

Local sayings

  • Ni hao - Hello (Mandarin)
  • Konichiwa - Hello (Japanese)
  • Xin chao - Hello (Vietnamese)
  • Shay-shay - Thank you (Mandarin)
  • Arigato - Thank you (Japanese)
  • Sawasdee - Hello (Thai)

Local Cuisine

The Far East and Asia utilises many of its indigenous crops in its cuisine, such as coconut, lemongrass and seaweed.

Many dishes feature rice or noodles and include plenty of fresh vegetables like mushrooms and beansprouts accompanied by fragrant sauces. Savoury food can be mild and sweet or rich or spicy and in parts of India and Thailand chillies feature. With so much of the region surrounded by ocean the seafood is plentiful so you’ll find delicious sushi and fish dishes.


Asia is home to both the highest and lowest points on Earth.

Mount Everest’s peak tops out at 8,850 metres above sea level, while the Mariana Trench is located to the east of the Philippines and is 10,898 metres deep at its maximum depth.

Things to do

  • Walk along thousands of years of history at the Great Wall of China
  • Pick up beautiful textiles in the weaving shops of Jaipur
  • Soar to thea top of the Marina Bay Sands complex for incredible views of Singapore
  • Glide along the atmospheric canals of Bangkok – known as klongs
  • Visit a cat café in Tokyo and stroke a friendly feline over a cup of coffee
  • Gaze up at the colossal scale of the Taj Mahal – it’s absolutely enormous
  • Relax on the white sand beaches of Thailand’s breathtaking islands
  • Walk along thousands of years of history at the Great Wall of China
  • Watch orangutans swing through the trees in Borneo
  • Take the gondola at Hakone for stunning views over mystical Mount Fuji
  • Pick up souvenirs in the markets of Khao San Road
  • Order a fragrant spicy curry in the fine restaurants of New Delhi
  • Explore the winding historic hutongs of Beijing
  • Sample delicious street eats in Singapore’s hawker markets
  • Shop for electronic bargains in the streets around Akihabara in Tokyo

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