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Canada and New England

The east coast of the United States of America is a richly coloured, vibrant and relaxed region that’s a delight to explore. Many cruises take in the additional delights of Canada, sailing up the east coast to the windswept, history-hewn port towns with thrilling backstories and plenty of wildlife watching opportunities, from whales to moose. The cruise calendar for cruises to Canada and New England is often tailored to visit the region at the prime time for viewing the fall foliage. During this time the leaves change to burnished gold and rich copper, a beautiful contrast against the bright blue autumn sky and misty mornings.

Our cruises to New England will allow you to discover an area of rich history, famous for its colonial past that pre-dates the American Revolution.

The region’s hub, Boston is charming university city packed with landmark buildings that are easily reached from the port. For the best way to see the city during a shore day we’d recommend you to The Freedom Trail, a popular tourist excursion that passes by 16 key buildings of national importance that have helped in shaping the America we know today. Learn all about Boston’s role in the infamous Tea Party and its participation in the American Revolution that lead to its independence from Britain, its neighbour across the Atlantic. For a difference perspective, the Black Heritage Trail traces the lives of the African American community of Boston, including private homes still occupied today. 

Head further north to the state of Maine and you’re likely to visit Bar Harbour, a soaring granite coastline that ascends to the wonderfully-named Cadillac Mountain, leading into Acadia National Park. This visually-stunning park offers 50 square miles of undulating terrain, so lace up your hiking boots and head out on an easy trek – you may even spot white-tailed deer and bald eagle. In Maine don’t miss the chance to sample the fresh seafood, likely landed that morning by the fishermen. Baked lobster is a popular delicacy, with lobster tail and shrimp baked together in a creamy sauce, or perhaps you’d prefer a warming bowl of clam chowder? Washed down with a glass of crisp, chilled white wine like the unoaked chardonnays that are prevalent in Maine. Cruises to New England offer the perfect chance to experience a slower pace of life in the USA.

After the seafaring waters of Maine you’ll glide into Canadian waters. Cruises to Canada could bring you to the province of Nova Scotia and its capital, Halifax. In this friendly city you’re likely to be welcomed off the ship by a piper in full tartan regalia – Nova Scotia means ‘New Scotland’ after all. Despite being a modern city with plenty to keep you entertained it has strong links to the past, which are celebrated in exuberant style with many festivals throughout the year. In the region of Newfoundland, you are likely to land at St John’s, characterised by its colourful row houses of the Downtown area. The narrow streets and clapboard houses were designed to be explored by horse and cart rather than modern car, so you’ll have great fun embarking on walking tours of the neighbourhoods.  

From Scotland to France, Canada is deeply influence by its neighbours across the sea. In Quebec you’ll find plenty of French flavours, from its food to architecture – Vieux Quebec is a World Heritage Site complete with its own chateau.

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Best time to travel

The best time to visit New England and Canada is in the autumn when you will see the ‘fall foliage’.

This is when the leaves start to change from vibrant green to the deep colours of red, yellow and orange. The effect on the landscape is absolutely stunning and makes for lovely photographs. To catch the fall foliage at its best you should aim to visit in September or October. Otherwise, winters are chilly and often snowy, spring is fresh and mild while summer is warm and pleasant.

Local sayings

Local Cuisine

The cuisine of New England features plenty of fresh, locally-produced vegetable and seafood, like clam chowder.

You’ll find plenty of farm to fork restaurants that celebrate the best of the region’s cuisine. In Canada you’ll be able to try deliciously sweet maple syrup and cured smoked salmon, both produced from Canada’s natural resources. One of the most famous Canadian dishes is poutine – French fries generously topped with cheese curds and gravy. You’ll find it served everywhere across Canada and it’s well worth a try, albeit an acquired taste!


In the Canadian province of Churchill people often leave their car doors unlocked in case their neighbours require a quick escape from polar bears.

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the Unites States of America – Texas 165 time larger than the New England state. However, it still contains 20% of the United States’ historical landmarks.

Things to do

  • Sample a clam chowder in New England, including clams, diced potatoes and a creamy stock
  • Explore the ships and exhibits of coastal life in the 19th century in Mystic Seaport
  • Head to the summit of Mount Washington for incredible views
  • Visit in the autumn to enjoy the colourful foliage at its best
  • Explore the ramparts of Quebec City
  • Travel out to the Martha’s Vineyard and relax among the harbour towns and lighthouses
  • Visit Acadia National Park and spot moose, bear, whales and seabirds
  • Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston and tick off its 16 significant sites
  • Sample the delicious fresh seafood in Cape Cod
  • Get out your binoculars on a whale watching excursion around the spectacular coastline
  • View the awe-inspiring spectacle of Niagara Falls
  • Learn about the nation’s maritime history in Nova Scotia’s capital of Halifax
  • Stroll the delightful old streets of St John’s in Newfoundland
  • Embark on a boat trip around one of Canada’s many lakes
  • Walk among the historic architecture of Old Quebec and count the many churches

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