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Life on board

No other type of holiday offers the wonderful entertainment, fine dining options, enjoyable activities and thechance to visit some of the world's most exciting destinations that you'll discover on a cruise.

And, of course, you get all this while only having to unpack your luggage once – however many days you are at sea.

Imagine Cruising brings you itineraries to all parts of the globe on ships that vary from the amazing 'resorts at sea' brimming with restaurants and show lounges to the more intimate and peaceful ships that can access more remote harbours in some of the less well-trodden ports of call.

It's certainly worth taking a bit of time to research the ships, the facilities they feature and their itineraries, to help you choose which cruise holiday of a lifetime is best for you and yourfriends or family.

Life on board really is whatever you want it to be, with an atmosphere to suit every taste – from the active and lively, to the sedate and relaxing or the luxurious and pampered.

And, just as your own moods change, so you can opt for whatever kind of experience you want to enjoy each new day throughout your amazing cruise holiday.

Perhaps a day spent tackling a climbing wall on an upper deck high above the oceans and a night enjoying an extravagant stage show will be followed by one enjoying a rejuvenating massage before getting ready for an intimate meal for two at a high-class restaurant - it's all there for you to choose from day by day.

Cruises can be thoroughly informal, with no dress code at all, or can offer a taste of fine cruising tradition with black-tie cocktail evenings at the captain's table. The norm is somewhere in between but it's a good idea to check before you select your cruise line and ship.

Cuisine from all over the world can be found in the various restaurants and cafes, each with its own distinct ambience and style. Most if not all meals will be included in your holiday price, though you may be asked to pay a little more for particular drinks or to reserve a table at a speciality restaurant.

While it's undeniable that a cruise holiday is enjoyable for so many reasons – it can also be an educational life-experience. While travelling to see some of the world's most fascinating ports, cities and islands is enlightening in itself, how about learning how to dance or cook gourmet meals as you go?

Many cruise line 'enrichment' programmes offer activities like these as well as inviting guest speakers on board to give you even more of an insight into the wonderful places you're about to discover.

Also, throughout your time on board, inyour cabin, at any of the marvellous bars and lounges or at your dinner table, you'll always have a smiling and helpful crew member on hand to offer help or bring you anything you need – they're only happy if they know you're enjoying your holiday exactly the way you want to.