Cruises to Northern Europe

Although Northern Europe is a long way from home it always proves a popular cruise holiday destination from South Africa because it’s actually so easy to get to on a fly / cruise trip.

There is such a variety of exciting towns and cities that we have all learnt about as well as some breathtaking scenery. Northern European cruises continue to reward you with magical memories and as many photos as you can handle.

Before the industrial revolution a port or river location was vital for the establishment of a town and so there are a wealth of historic places to visit. Many of the ports have developed into thriving and vibrant cities such as London, Copenhagen, Hamburg and then up into the Baltic, or maybe Bergen in Norway. Because the cities are often so close to the coast you benefit with longer time ashore exploring the heritage, culture and some good shopping too!

A two week cruise could see you absorb the intense cultural experience of St Petersburg, as well as heading further north to the glacial splendor of Norway’s fjords where huge waterfalls plummet hundreds of meters to the sea.

Norway’s coast is dotted with picturesque and colourful little towns where you may discover an insight into the Vikings, those fearsome Norse raiders who terrorised ancient Britain and other countries like Iceland and the Faroes.

Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Riga, Talin, Stockholm, and St Petersburg are some of the highlights of Northern Europe. And if you’re seeing the fjords you may like to look at carrying on to Iceland too.