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Tips and Gratuities

In countries like the USA and Canada, tipping is a normal part of any service transaction. It happens all the time in bars and restaurants at home and it's an interaction between server and served with which they are familiar and completely at ease.

For other nationalities it's something that takes a little getting used to – and it applies pretty much across the board in the cruise holiday world.

Perhaps the best way to approach it is to build tips into your overall holiday cost – indeed some cruise lines help you do just that via an automatic surcharge – then forget about them.

To avoid any uneasiness, the ship that you book with will be able to advise on what is considered a reasonable amount to tip and you can find this out before you travel.

You will never be discouraged from offering a little bit more to any crew members, waiters or cabin staff, who you feel deserve extra reward either during or at the end of your cruise holiday.

You'll soon get used to it.