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The original is sometimes the best, and transatlantic cruises are just that! The most romantic way to cross the Atlantic, travelling by sea on an elegant ocean liner harks back to the golden age of cruising – think stylish ladies and gentlemen strolling along the promenade deck and taking in the sea air. This used to be the heart of the social life on board ocean liners of the past and it’s still a great place to stretch your legs and meet other travellers today.

Modern cruise liners like the Queen Mary 2 feature all the bells and whistles to ensure your cruise is comfortable and entertaining throughout.

Travel on board the Queen Mary 2 or Queen Elizabeth and you’ll benefit from Cunard’s long maritime history of transatlantic cruises – the first passenger ship to cross the Atlantic did so in the 1850s: it was a Cunard vessel. From the days of the early steam ships the passage of transatlantic crossing has been an exhilarating adventure for passengers from all over the world, whether transiting to a new life and the ‘American dream’ or just enjoying the leisurely passage in place of flying. In the past the whole family went along, and nowadays you can even take your four-legged friends in the sumptuous kennels of the Queen Mary 2.

If one of the things you love most about holidays is the journey, this is the voyage for you. Kick back as you cruise from one thrilling destination to another and make the most of the fabulous facilities on board. Depending on your crossing you’ll have between five and eight days at sea, so that’s plenty of time to make the most of the spas, restaurants, pools and activities on board every cruise ship. On board your every whim will be taken care of, plus you’ll have plenty of time to research your destination or look back on memories of your trip.

You can leave the United Kingdom after a time exploring Europe and glide serenely across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2, arriving in New York under the twinkling lights of the Verrazano Bridge. The mist unfurls to display Lady Liberty herself, immediately recognisable but still breathtaking no matter how many times you see her. It’s one of the best travel experiences you can undertake and a fabulous way to introduce yourself to New York City. Sailing up the Hudson River you can snap away at the skyline of Manhattan – all the buildings you’ve seen in the movies look so much more impressive from the river.

Some transatlantic crossings also call at a number of ports along the east coast of the USA. You could call at Boston where you could uncover the history of the United States of America, or head south to Fort Lauderdale in Florida where the beaches are beautiful, the skies sunny and the way of life relaxed. In the Canary Islands, enjoy the volcanic landscapes and year-round sunshine, or why not extend your trip to the Caribbean and beyond? You could nip through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean and even head to Australasia. With a transatlantic cruise, the Atlantic is just the start of what could be a very big adventure.

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Best time to travel

Scheduled Atlantic crossings on board the Queen Mary 2 take place year round,

with the summer months offering calmer seas and more sunshine. The spring and autumn months are ideal for repositioning cruises when the mega ships transition between the Mediterranean and Europe.

Local sayings

Local Cuisine

On board the ship you’ll be able to indulge in all the flavours under the sun.

from Italian to Asian and even fine dining. In the UK you’ll find delicious and hearty meals like traditional roast dinners – best enjoyed on a Sunday at a pub with a roaring fire! In New York you could take your taste buds around the world once more. Noodles in Chinatown, bagels, cheesecake, delicious steaks and plenty of bars to enjoy.


The Atlantic Ocean was the first ocean to be crossed by a ship; it was also the first ocean to be crossed with passengers on board. This was a Cunard ship in the 1850s – you can still cross the Atlantic Ocean with Cunard today.

The amount of electrical cable of the Queen Mary 2 measures around 2,500 kilometres long – that’s enough to stretch from central London to Moscow!

Things to do

  • Stroll along the Promenade Deck, it’s a third of a mile long on the Queen Mary 2!
  • Watch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace
  • Book a dinner at one of the fine dining restaurants for a special treat
  • Check out the Art Deco buildings along Ocean Drive in Miami
  • Catch a performance in the theatre for a night to remember
  • Take the ferry to Ellis Island to view the entryway to New York for so many
  • Embark an airboat excursion through the Florida Everglades
  • Keep your eyes peeled for whales and dolphins which often breach near the ship
  • Soar to the top of the Empire State Building to see New York from above
  • Join an organised group activity to learn a new skill, like wine tasting or crafting
  • Check out a book from the on board library and lose yourself in the narrative
  • Feast on delicious noodles and dim sum in Chinatown – in London or New York!
  • Take to the London Eye for amazing panoramic views of the city

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If you’ve never been on a cruise holiday before it’s likely you’ll have a few questions and concerns – what type of people cruise, will it be formal, are cruise holidays suitable for families? We can answer all this and more to put your mind at ease before your fabulous cruise holiday.



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