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Whether you're thinking about booking your first ever cruise holiday or you're a regular voyager looking for something a little different, it's worth taking a few moments to consider the variety of cruise options available to you.

Just like the range of different styles of ships and the varying attractions that are special to individual cruise lines, you have a multitude of choices covering how your cruise is organised and what you'll find waiting for you when you step on board.

The days when cruising was the reserve of the rich or the retired are long gone and, you'll be able to find a date, an itinerary and a cost that is ideal for you, your family or friends.

There are still companies that offer the ultimate in traditional cruising luxury, where your every wish will be catered for in high-class surroundings and an ambience that oozes sophistication and elegance.

For other cruise holiday passengers, family fun is the requirement and today's mega-liners certainly push the boat out, if you'll pardon the pun, when it comes to entertainment, sport and leisure activities and child-friendly facilities supervised by friendly and experienced staff.

There are themed cruises, where you can indulge your passion for art, music or dance – or even rub shoulders with a celebrity or two along the way.

As well as selecting the right cruise line and the right destinations for your cruise holiday of a lifetime, think also about getting to your ship.

If you'll be embarking from a port not in your own country, a flight will be arranged and you'll be offered a hotel stay for a night or two so you can rest a while before embarkation. That may also give you time for a bit of sightseeing in your ‘hotel' city – a fantastic way to start the holiday.

But you'll also be able to find plenty of choice in cruise sailings that set out from a port in your own country, more and more are being added every year as the domestic cruise market continues to grow.

Repositioning cruises are being offered by most companies now while their popular liners are being moved from one part of the world to start a new series of itineraries in another.

These can represent a real bargain as prices tend to be reduced to take account of some limiting of the activities available during the cruise – check the details with your Imagine Cruising adviser before making a firm booking.

For a real once in a lifetime experience, there's nothing to compare to a wonderful World Cruise, often lasting several months and letting you really absorb life onboard as you flit between the continents from one amazing destination to the next.

Enjoy researching the full spectrum of cruise options and, by taking a little time to carefully assess the different types available, you'll be sure to select the one that's best for you.