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Who cruises?

If we said there wasn't a typical cruise holiday passenger, you might raise an eyebrow – especially if you've never been on a cruise holiday before.

But it's absolutely true – the list of 'types' of people booking cruises is as long as the list of types of people there are generally.

Luxury cruises provide the ultimate in traditional cruise chic, with white-gloved waiters offering unlimited cocktails and a selection of incredible dishes to guests in their finery seated in elegant bars and eateries.

But any idea that cruising was merely for the very wealthy or retired drifted away many years ago, with all-inclusive packages bringing excellent value to such a rich variety of ships, itineraries and year-round sailings.

From single travellers seeking the adventure of exploring remote new horizons to large family groups celebrating an anniversary with an entertainment packed cruise on a beautiful ship brimming with attractions, all types of people are enjoying ‘their' kind of cruise at any given time of year.

There are those who merely want to unwind and watch the beautiful world pass by as they choose a serene and romantic holiday for two enjoying fine food and dancing under moonlit skies.

Whereas families with youngsters can find ships with the most amazing facilities, where their little ones can have fun making friends in a safe environment supervised by friendly, experienced and qualified staff.

There's now truly a cruise holiday somewhere to suit every taste, every kind of person – and every pocket.