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To look down upon Bermuda from the air is to look at paradise itself. Just check out an aerial view online and you’ll see how utterly amazing this group of islands connected by clear lagoons, bays and inlets appears – and it’s just as beautiful down on dry land, or from the sea. Cruises to Bermuda will take you to a land of fascinating history, stunning natural beauty and plenty of chances to explore, whatever you like to do on holiday. 

With its fantastic position in the Atlantic catching the sun and the sea breezes, it’s no wonder that many cruises across the Atlantic stop at this tiny island gem. 

At just 53 square kilometres it's a minute speak of glorious beaches and tropical flavours. Many people consider Bermuda to be the Caribbean, but it's actually 665 miles south east of North Carolina in the United States of America. It’s not American though, but a British colony, so you’ll find stereotypical British influences like policemen in traditional uniform, red telephone boxes and lots of opportunities for a traditional afternoon tea. Its quirky traditions coupled with its great location in the balmy waters of the Sargasso Sea has ensured it’s not only a fantastic cruise stop but also a favourite holiday destination for many.

Cruises to Bermuda will drop you off at one of Bermuda’s three ports: King’s Wharf at the Royal Naval Dockyard, Hamilton and St. George. From here you’ll have easy access to the rest of Bermuda’s delights. Don’t forget your camera: you’ll want to snap lots of photos of the pastel-coloured houses, stately mansions covered in frangipani and bougainvillea and dreamy beaches of pink and white sand and sapphire waters. There’s a reason why it is given the title the ‘jewel of the Atlantic’.

The climate is close to perfect, never cold, and rarely too hot. The sea is warm too and if it does rain it tends to happen quickly, then the skies clear and the sun comes out to dry everything out again after its refreshing shower. This little paradise in the sea is actually a group of some 181 islands, but it’s the eight main ones that are all linked that are the main attractions. Home to a population of about 65,000 lovely people, and a holiday home to thousands of lucky visitors every year, visitors come for the sand, the pace of life, the golf and the best holiday they can imagine.

When you’ve had enough of lying on the beautiful beaches made pink by the fragments of coral then you have a choice of sports on land or water. Anyone for cricket? Or if you like to take a bigger swing at a smaller ball this is your place too. Bermuda has more golf per square mile than anywhere else in the world. The vegetation inland is lush and creates a special backdrop for some great photography. For those who love watersports, how about scuba diving among the beautiful coloured fish, maybe down to a wreck, or into caves? If that’s too energetic then get the sights in a calmer way on a glass-bottomed boat.  

In Hamilton, the lovely capital and only city, you’ll find duty-free shopping and an excellent range of wonderful food, often straight from the sea. Eat in a fine restaurant or a traditional harbour side shack, either way you’re sure to eat well. A shellfish stew on the Kings Wharf really takes some beating.

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Best time to travel

Bermuda is a fantastic destination all year round. The sea is warm from April to October, but you can swim or paddle most of the time and enjoy a pleasant experience.

Because it’s in the Atlantic it is subject to some extreme weathers, but this is rarely more exciting than sudden downpours of rain or blustery gales. Take your swimming stuff but also take a jumper as well to help ward off those sea breezes

Local sayings

Local Cuisine

Much of Bermuda’s staple food comes from the sea, given that it is surrounded by water teeming with marine life.

Traditional dishes include codfish and potatoes with hard-boiled egg, fish chowder and seafood stews. You’ll often get a banana on the side! Local favourite Hoppin John is often served as a side and includes peas, rice, Bermuda onion, bacon or chicken and a sliced Portuguese sausage. Desserts include fresh tropical fruit and spiced Bermuda rum cake – beware, it’s very potent!


Bermudians mark the end of winter on May 24th by going swimming for the first time that year.

Bermuda became a British colony in 1707 and many Britishisms can be seen today, such as post boxes and telephone boxes. It is the oldest and most populous remaining British Overseas Territory.

Things to do

  • Done a snorkel or diving apparatus and dive under the sea to see shipwrecks and marine life
  • Play golf on one of Bermuda’s many picturesque golf courses
  • Hire a kayak or charter a yacht and explore Bermuda’s coastline yourself
  • Visit Fort St Catherine, a fort turned museum and learn about the island’s history
  • Shop for souvenirs in the local markets
  • Indulge your taste buds in a fiery shellfish chowder packed with delicious local fish
  • Head to Hamilton and visit the historic Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity
  • Watch a leisurely cricket match
  • Step aboard a glass-bottom boat to view the undersea kaleidoscope of fish and coral
  • Try a traditional afternoon tea with scones and cream - delicious

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